9 in 10: Andy in Auckland

  • 08/12/2015
Andy playing 9 in 10 (Paul Henry)
Andy playing 9 in 10 (Paul Henry)

Paul Henry's 9 in 10: Where Paul gets guests or specially selected contestants to name nine specific instances of a general category in 10 seconds.

For example: name nine types of flower. It's surprisingly hard to do.

If the guest manages to pull it off, they will win an $11,000 spa pool from the Spa and Pool Factory.

This morning at Caster Bay, Andy attempted to name nine fruits in 10 seconds.

Reporter Brigitte Masters joined the team from PaddleOn, a stand up paddle (SUP) rehabilitation program this morning to find a contestant.

PaddleOn provides free of charge rehab for men and women recovering from all types of cancer. 

Delivered over 5-weeks by certified Pinc or Steel cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists, PaddleOn has been specifically designed to introduce the components of stand up paddling in a safe, fun small group environment.

PaddleOn programs are running from November 2015 to March 2016 in Auckland, North Shore, Napier, Taupo and Rotorua. 

Go to paddleon.co.nz for more information.

Watch the video for the full segment.