Artificial intelligence has a mind of its own

  • 01/02/2016
Heather Hendrickson (Paul Henry)
Heather Hendrickson (Paul Henry)

Artificial Intelligence now officially has a mind of its own. For the first time Google’s AI “DeepMind” has managed to defeat the world’s top human player of “Go” (a much more complex game of chess) indicating it has now gained the ability to use intuition and also indicate it now has the human ability to learn.

Massey University lecturer Heather Hendrickson joined Paul Henry to talk about where the technology is going and what it means for humans.

For some, that’s a worrying thing—especially when they consider that the system is teaching itself to play Go. The system isn’t just learning from data provided by humans. It’s learning by playing itself, by generating its own data.

This new "Deep Learning" is incredibly powerful as an Artificial Intelligence technique and will be applied to things like image analysis and scientific research.

In recent months, Tesla founder Elon Musk and others have voiced concerns that such AI system eventually could exceed human intelligence and potentially break free from our control.