Big telcos rub customers the wrong way

  • 03/02/2016
Sue Chetwin (Paul Henry)
Sue Chetwin (Paul Henry)

Telecommunications giants Vodafone and Spark rub their customers the wrong way.

According to a new survey by Consumer NZ their customers find them too difficult to contact however they are reluctant to move to a new provider because it's too hard to compare services.

Consumer NZ's chief executive Sue Chetwin joined Paul Henry to discuss the survey's findings.

A survey of Consumer NZ's 8,600 members ranked 12 internet providers, with Spark and Vodafone customers the least happy.

Vodafone fared worst in the survey, with just 30 percent of customers satisfied, compared to an average of 44 percent across all providers.

More than a quarter of Vodafone customers did not feel they were getting good value for money, and 51 percent felt the company was not easy to contact, with long wait times when calling customer service.

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