'Chemsex': Drug-fuelled sex binges

'Chemsex': Drug-fuelled sex binges

WARNING: This video contains adult content and is not suitable for younger viewers.

HIV may seem like an old battle, one confined to the '80s and now under control. But the emergence of the "chemsex" scene in Auckland is causing concern once more.

Chemsex is when users get high on methamphetamine and partake in group sex binges and often without protection.

The scene is small and is mostly gay men, but the consequences reach much further.

Auckland's Karangahape Rd was once the epicentre of the underground gay sex scene. But that has changed and chemsex is very much part of it.

The clubs are becoming less popular and being replaced by drug-fuelled private parties.

Story investigates how the sex scene has changed and changed in a big way.

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Body Positive is looking for people to take part in focus groups about chemsex. If you are interested, click here for their website. You can also contact them if you or someone you know needs help with addiction or HIV diagnosis. 

The AIDS foundation can also help: https://www.nzaf.org.nz/