Ciderologist tasting his way through NZ

  • 24/02/2016
Gabe Cook (Paul Henry)
Gabe Cook (Paul Henry)

Gabe “The Ciderologist” Cook is over from England to be one of 15 expert judges of nearly 500 different beers & ciders from all over NZ and all round the world, for the 2016 New World Beer & Cider Awards.

Gabe has cider running through his veins having grown up in its heartland, the West of England.

He has spent the last 10 years making and advocating cider in the UK and New Zealand.

Gabe has judged at numerous international competitions, chaired a regional cider association and was bestowed the Fred Beech Memorial Award by the National Association of Cider Makers in 2013 for outstanding contribution to the UK cider industry.