How to battle insomnia

  • 01/02/2016
Lora Wu (Paul Henry)
Lora Wu (Paul Henry)

Insomnia affects up to 25 percent of New Zealanders at some point in their lives.

Dr Lora Wu joined Paul Henry to discuss what can be done to battle the problem.

On February 4 Dr Wu is opening New Zealand’s first sleep clinic aimed at insomniacs in Wellington.

Insomnia is trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking too early to the point which it would restrict sleep and cause daytime impairment for a month or more.

Dr Wu says one of the best tips she has is keeping a consistent bedtime and wake time, even in the weekends.

She says it’s important to reducing the use of phones and computers in bed and light is also a major factor.

Black out curtains are a great way to ensure you sleep in a suitably dark room.


Contact Dr Wu here:

Sleep/Wake Research Centre

Massey University

Phone: 04 380 0603