Make your house make you money

  • 18/02/2016
Matt Beatty (Paul Henry)
Matt Beatty (Paul Henry)

Spacehop is capitalising on growing demand for thrifty, interesting, co-working office spaces.

Anyone with a spacious room that stands empty during the day can now sign up to rent it out to anyone wanting to get down to business, free from the distractions of their own home.

Launched in January 2016 in England it has the same concept as air B&B… and they have become so popular they want to go global.

Co-founder Matt Beatty joined Paul Henry to discuss his plans.

The latest research from Colliers International shows office vacancy in Auckland reached a new record low of 5.8 per cent, while Wellington's vacancy rate sits on 11.7 per cent.

Could this be the solution to our problem?