Quarry query divides community

Quarry query divides community

This story is about a mountain, a neighbourhood and a great big hole in the ground.

The Three Kings Quarry has changed a lot from the days before European habitation and soon, it'll be changing greatly from how it is now.

Building company Fletchers is planning to build up to 1200 homes, enough for 2000-3000 people.

"It's one of the biggest pieces of Brownfields land in Auckland, in terms of satisfying the need for more housing in Auckland. You don't get many better opportunities than this," says Fletcher building housing COO Steve Evans.

But many residents are unhappy with what they consider a rushed development, a wasted opportunity and wishes of the council and corporates overriding the wishes of the community.

"I just think they need to think about the long term success of it, and really, who are they planning to put here?" says Three Kings resident Karen Collins.

Two-thirds of the existing quarry will be filled and apartment blocks will replace slopes which come up to the road surface.

Different types of homes will be built to suit the intensity of the area, says Mr Evans.

This includes apartment buildings 10-storeys high. They're big buildings and will be surrounded by the needs for those people.

But there's still a question over the accessibility of a town built in a pit and Story went to investigate the community being divided over it.

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