TPP deal "quite and accomplishment"

  • 04/02/2016
Todd McClay (Paul Henry)
Todd McClay (Paul Henry)

Trade Minister Todd McClay says it could be another year before the deal goes through in New Zealand, and although he believes it is a good thing for the country, he respects people's right to protest.

"It's fair to say that people have a lot of views in New Zealand and in many other countries and I will always support their right to be able to express those. The signing today is the end of the negotiation and for New Zealand it's the start of the Parliamentary [phase].

"This is quite an accomplishment. Twelve countries of the world, where nobody said it was possible, have come together and created a deal that gives New Zealanders access to 800 million consumers who spend $27 trillion on GDP every year. This is the biggest agreement New Zealand's been in involved in."