How to make your home fit for autumn

  • 02/03/2016
Hayley-Ann Brown (Paul Henry)
Hayley-Ann Brown (Paul Henry)

It’s getting darker earlier and we know Autumn is on the way, interior designer Hayley Brown from Lou Brown Design has tips for how to embrace the cooler weather and prepare your interior for autumn.

Colours this season: deep moody blues, teals, mustard yellow, grape purple, burnt orange, mustard yellow.

You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune, the key is to swap out a few items in your house that will give you the biggest impact for the least amount of effort.

Swap out a couple of cushions in your lounge, chuck a fur throw over that chair or on the foot of your bed.

Even if you’ve only got a gas fireplace, put a wire basket full of wood next to it, there’s something about the look and smell of wood that creates cosiness.

When trees start to change colour and lose their leaves, take advantage of this. Grab a bunch of bronzed leaves and pop them in some oversized glass vases for your table or cut of a few branches and loosely pop them in a tall vase.

Dot candles around your home. They could be in clusters, rows, lanterns hanging from your trees.  

We’re living in a digital age where people take comfort in nostalgic references.

What we’re seeing is people blending the old with the new: your grandfather’s chair, reupholstered and popped in the corner, a Chinese antique or vintage artwork reminiscent of your past travels.

So grab that family heirloom out of your garage, dust it off and look for a place to make it shine.