Joe Cotton's top excuses

  • 18/03/2016
Joe Cotton (Paul Henry)
Joe Cotton (Paul Henry)

Whether you want to make the most of a summer’s day or avoid sitting through a child’s birthday party, Joe Cotton has some top tips for making an excuse:

Download the app Gotta-Go. Otherwise you can fake getting super tipsy on your first drink and then just start talking like Donald Trump.

The key is to start planting the seed at least 24 hours before hand. If you can't fake a sick voice, send a text. And always make it sound like you're disappointed not to be there. If your boss is tough, just go into too much detail.

Fake sneeze a few times and say you think you're coming down with something. They'll usher you out of there fast because no one wants their kid sick.

Kids. If you’ve got them, no one questions excuses around kids. Or blame the in-laws for unexpectedly visiting.