Medical insurance can get you the help you need

  • 16/03/2016
Blair Vernon (Paul Henry)
Blair Vernon (Paul Henry)

Kiwis pride themselves on self-reliance, resourcefulness, independence - yet too many of us rely solely on the public system to make us better when we get sick.

Our state health system has only so many resources.

It’s risky to depend on Government as the latest medicine isn’t always available in NZ or funded.

 A common misconception is to believe serious accident or dreaded disease won’t happen to us personally.

This is misguided thinking, according to a Massey University study, 95 percent of us would rather insure our cars and homes, than put in place a low cost insurance policy – only 20 percent of New Zealanders have income protection.

You have to ask yourself: “What’s the cost of a trauma policy for $150,000 or $250,000 to cover treatment? Or to pay the daily bills when you can’t work?”

All of these downstream consequences – including a lack of funding and waiting lists – can be mitigated with simple products that cost less than $25 a month for people in their mid-twenties, or around $50 for those in their mid-thirties – this puts you on the front foot rather than being confronted with the possibility of medical bankruptcy.

Trauma insurance provides greater options for treatment, such as seeking treatment overseas and exploring treatment from drugs not funded.  

It’s prudent to combine trauma cover to ensure that any shortfalls can be covered with health insurance policies that typically limit cover for non-Pharmac drugs.

Trauma insurance also helps with ongoing medical expenses that aren’t covered by health insurance plans.

The cover can also replace income and cover the cost of ongoing bills if unable to work.