Talk Money: March 8, 2016

Tony Field (Paul Henry)
Tony Field (Paul Henry)

A new survey says women are paid six percent less than men in New Zealand.

The report from financial services firm PwC was based on median wages for full time workers. The report says that across the OECD women are paid 83 cents on average for each dollar that men are paid.

The Women in Work Index has been issued to mark International Women's Day.

It ranks 33 countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for equality of earnings, the proportion of women in work, the female unemployment rate and the proportion of women in full-time employment.

New Zealand placed fourth overall behind Iceland, Norway and Sweden for female economic empowerment. Australia has fallen to number 20.

A separate report from the firm Grant Thornton has found that 42 percent of New Zealand businesses have no women in leadership roles. That is up from 37 last year. The average across Asia Pacific is 33 percent.