Tips for surviving an apocalypse

  • 15/03/2016
Apocalypse sign (Newshub)
Apocalypse sign (Newshub)

Last week an asteroid came perilously close to smashing into earth, an impact that could have launched us straight into the apocalypse - so would you survive in a world where infrastructure and social order is broken down?

Survival expert Stu Gilbert has some tips.

Things you need to have:

First Aid Supplies

Spare clothing

Shelter (poncho)

Fire lighting kit (flint, waterproof windproof matches, cotton wool, water, plus the ability to purify)

Food - canned meals ready to eat


Multi-purpose knife

Personal survival tin

Bow and arrows

Places you need to go:

Stay put, but if you have to move, only do so if you can guarantee to improve your survival situation

Go to rural places, small communities, the bush or head to the coastline

Don’t move were the masses go

Skills you need to know:

Know basic first aid

Learn how to become resourceful through improvisation

Learn hunting and gathering skills

Read about how things work

Learn survival knowledge and practical skills

Self defence