$1.3b overhaul on the way for CYF

  • 08/04/2016
Anne Tolley
Anne Tolley

A $1.3 billion overhaul of Child, Youth and Family will see a “massive culture change” in the organisation, says Social Development Minister Anne Tolley.

Ms Tolley joined Paul Henry to talk about the plan, which is expected to take five years, and will follow children all the way into adulthood.

"This new system is going to manage from prevention, from early intervention with vulnerable children and families, right through to transition. That transition, although we're going up to 18, we're looking at what can be provided up to 25. So this is a big project, and it's going to be a big culture change for the staff."

The overhaul kicks off in March, 2017 and is putting a priority on reducing the number of Maori children in CYF care.

Currently 60 percent of the kids it looks after are Maori.