How to save a wet or broken phone

  • 21/04/2016
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)

What do you do when your smartphone screen breaks or you drop it in the toilet?

Replace it? Or stare at it and try to travel back in time?

Tech guru Vaughn Davis joined Paul Henry to talk about how to protect your phone so you never have to deal with such an issue.

There are several types of cases available:

SOFT SILICON - They’re cheap: $10-20

Provide some impact and scratch resistance but not much - protects your phone about as much as a thick swimming cap would your head, and they’re a pain to get in and out of your pocket.

HARD SHELL - A bit pricier: $20-40

Great scratch resistance and easy to get out of your pocket - But it doesn't have much impact resistance, like a helmet without the foam.

HYBRID - $80

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside. Otterbox is a trusted brand for this stuff and also has versions that hold credit cards

BUT: they all make your phone less beautiful, and would you pay $80 to protect a $100 phone?

If you do drop your phone in the toilet Vaughn has an acronym to help you save it:

S is for save it. ASAP. Every second counts!

O is for off. You can limit damage by turning your phone off immediately.

B is for battery. If your phone has a removable one, remove it.

E is for eject the water. Shake, blow with a fan or compressed air if you have it.

R is for rice. Wrap phone in a paper towel and put in a sealed container of brown rice. Keep it somewhere warm for 24 hours. Then try and turn it on.