Identity crisis leads to wrongful charges

Identity crisis leads to wrongful charges

Story has been asked to help a man who's in the middle of a slight identity crisis.

He's been trying for a year to convince the police and Government officials that it wasn't him pulled over for drink driving, and even though he's got the offender to confess, no one has been helping.

Ted Heke lost his wallet on the train a year ago. Inside was his driver's licence.

He we went down to the local AA to renew it, and they told him there was a problem – he had been disqualified for a year. He had been pulled over for drink driving.

But it wasn't him; it was Monica, aka Busby, Mr Heke's transgender sister.

The documents prove she had been caught by police and charged under her birth name, Busby Heke. But this is her fault because in the past she has told the police she is her brother. So now the system thinks they're exactly the same person – her brushes with police, Mr Heke pays for them.

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