Race for the Whitehouse down to Trump and Clinton - Pagani

  • 21/04/2016
Josie Pagani (Paul Henry)
Josie Pagani (Paul Henry)

After Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their respective races in the New York primary, the road to the Whitehouse looks like it's becoming a two horse race.

Political commentator Josie Pagani joined Paul Henry to talk about it.

"The delegates still to win in the primaries and caucuses are predominantly favouring Clinton. Sanders is winning with white men. He can't mathematically win."

She said that Sanders was never in the race to win.

"Really he was going in with a message, he can't win and Hilary knows that."

Despite not having the numbers Clinton has, Trump is overwhelmingly in the lead.

"The problem for Trump will be in the flyover states, as they tend to favour Cruz. The Republican establishment will use Cruz to bump Trump from having that majority."

She says there's no way Cruz will win as the Republicans don't like him anymore than they like Trump.