Raise a glass of sherry for The Queen's birthday

  • 21/04/2016
Andrew Parkinson (Paul Henry)
Andrew Parkinson (Paul Henry)

To celebrate The Queen's 90th birthday we broke out the sherry.

To talk about what makes a good tipple Paul Henry was joined in the studio by sherry expert Andrew Parkinson.

He brought in three of his recommendations for anyone wanting to buy a bottle.

1. Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe ‘En Rama’ Fino - RRP: $38.99

A straight-from-the-cask bottling of maybe the world’s best known sherry. Only released once a year, it is the freshest and lightest expression of Fino Sherry. It’s very intense, maybe even more so than in previous years. Nice citrusy acidity, balanced olive brine and bitter almonds. 

2. Bodegas Hidalgo - Wine: Napoleon Amontillado - RRP: $42.95 per 500ml

Amontillado Napoleon is part of the standard range of Bodegas Hidalgo – La Gitana in Sanlúcar. Medium dry with plenty of caramel flavours and nutty notes, as well as a background fruitiness. Very easy to find.

3. Gonzalez Byass ‘Apostoles’ Palo Cortado 30yrs - RRP: $56.99 per 375ml

From the official ‘30 years or over’ category this represents the very best that sherry can be and is one of the world’s great wines. And it is priced the same as a good Central Otago pinot noir. It’s full-bodied and off-dry, and provides plenty of spicy notes, chocolate coated nuts, figs and toffee. There’s a sublime combination of the dried fruits present in Palomino grapes blended with the sweetness of the sun-bathed Pedro Ximenez grapes. More than 30 years of ageing lend to a spectacular concentration to this Palo Cortado Muy Viejo (Very aged Palo Cortado).