Vaughn Davis' top sleep gadgets

  • 07/04/2016
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)

Do you find yourself staring at the ceiling, struggling to get to sleep?

Tech guru Vaughn Davis joined Paul Henry to talk about the top gadgets to help you get some sleep.

Phillips Hue

A smart bedside lamp that automatically adjust its colour temperature in the evening to help you nod off and then again in the morning to help you wake up. Air NZ also does this with its cabin lighting.

Apple Night Shift

A new iPhone feature that changes your screen’s colour in the evenings so you reduce your exposure to blue light before bed.

Fitbit Blaze with sleep tracker

As well as measuring steps and heart rate it tracks your sleep patterns so you can see them on your app.

Used by a bunch of athletes including Valerie Adams and the Football Ferns.

White noise generators

These lull you to sleep with white noise, beach sounds, rain, etc.

Smartphone apps range from free to 99 cents.

Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine

Fall asleep to the ambient noise you’d hear in any one of five different spacecraft including all versions of the Enterprise.