Big data helping businesses target customers

  • 20/04/2016
Lillian Grace (Paul Henry)
Lillian Grace (Paul Henry)

Data is the most valuable currency in the age of the internet.

A new website has been set up to collect and collate the information, making it easier for anyone to access.

Figure.NZ chief executive Lillian Grace says there is a lot of confusion about data and how it’s used.

"Most people still think that data is something that people buy to top up their phones? So all the experts are talking about big data and open data and the public don't actually understand what that means."

She says access to good data is increasingly important for businesses.

"It is for them to understand the context in which they are working in. The businesses at the moment tend to only know their financial data, so they know how they perform and how to benchmark that -- they don't actually tend to understand the context in which they are operating."