Diabetic woman reunited with her good Samaritan

Diabetic woman reunited with her good Samaritan

If you saw a woman staggering over the road and collapsing on the footpath, would you step in and help?

Theresa Ale was on her hands and knees with people driving around her yelling abuse, tooting their horns assuming she was drunk. She was also with her young son at the time.

But little did they know Ms Ale was having a low blood sugar episode because she's diabetic. It is known as hypoglycaemia which can lead to a coma or even worse.

But one person, Jade Howard, did stop and help.

Ms Ale couldn't communicate what was wrong but her son Jonasin was very clear about what was happening and explained that his mother needed sugar.

Story was there when Ms Howard and Ms Ale were reunited for the first time since the incident.

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