Helen Clark needs Kiwis to get behind her

  • 06/04/2016
Helen Clark (Paul Henry)
Helen Clark (Paul Henry)

Former PM Helen Clark has her sights set on the UN’s top job, but she needs Kiwis to get behind her.

She spoke to Paul Henry about her bid for UN Secretary General, saying the time is right but it’s a a long road to the job.

"The candidacy is seen as a very serious one. No one's saying 'how ridiculous'. They're saying 'this is a very serious candidate'. That doesn't mean you get it, but it means you're very much in the play."

Next week Ms Clark will have two hours to present her case to the General Assembly. She'll give a 10-minute speech, present a 2000-word vision statement and then take questions from member states.

She will pitch herself as a "very considered person" who doesn't "rush to judgement".

The New Zealand Government has offered Ms Clark anything she needs to get elected, but in case that's not enough, she also wants ordinary Kiwis' help.

"I need your tweets, your Instagram, your Facebook, your voice."