Kiwi sees her Cyclone Winston funds helping firsthand

Kiwi sees her Cyclone Winston funds helping firsthand

This is a story about achieving whatever you set your mind to.

Renee Ryder is a bartender in Addington, Christchurch and after seeing the effects of Cyclone Winston in Fiji, she decided to do something about it.

She has no former experience in fundraising but managed to raise more than $20,000 in one night.

She's now taken the money, along with other supplies, to Fiji and Story was there to see what would happen next.

Ms Ryder and her fellow bartender Michelle Gwatkin wanted to deliver the money and supplies themselves to make sure it reached those who needed it.

Usually pouring pints at the Black Horse pub, Ms Ryder could never have predicted how far it would all go and especially with one primary school with a severe case of leaky building syndrome.

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