Nancy Keat: The 84yo university student

Nancy Keat: The 84yo university student

Nancy Keat used to be a teacher, but now -- aged 84-years-old -- she's a student.

The Auckland grandmother didn't want to spend her time taking senior citizen bus trips so she decided to return to university instead.

When she finished her Bachelor of Arts, she wanted more and now she's doing her Master's degree focusing on the city's public art.

Ms Keat started her first university paper when she was 71-years-old -- almost 50 years after she completed her teachers college in the late 1940s.

"I really was frightened, it was like a foreign country -- Auckland University is so big and my sense of direction is abysmal."

She's the "oldest and hippest" in her class and although at times it can be exhausting, she has stayed on the right track.

Story went to meet the student for a lesson on why you should never stop learning.

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