Rising NZ hip hop stars bond over more than just music

Rising NZ hip hop stars bond over more than just music

Friendships are important to most people but for two rising hip hop artists, it's everything.

Arshad Cader and Zaidoon Nasir are a couple of hip hop stars from East Auckland who call themselves Times X Two.

They have already opened for American artists like T-Pain and ASAP Rock but it's not just their love of music which bonds them; but their shared experiences as the children of migrants to New Zealand.

They've been friends since they were eight years old and the fact neither of them were born in New Zealand has strengthened their friendship.

"We live in the same country but in reality, because of what's going on at home we live in totally different worlds," says Mr Cader, and with that comes different stories to tell.

Story went to meet the two musicians who have been touring the country and will be playing the biggest gig of their lives in a few weeks. Naturally, we had a go at rapping as well.

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