Shine speaks out about Moko's mother

Shine speaks out about Moko's mother

Last night we brought you the story of Moko's mother Nicola Dally-Paki.

Moko Rangitoheriri is the young boy who was tortured and killed by two people who were supposed to be looking after him.

Ms Dally-Paki was at Starship Hospital caring for her other son at the time.

The story raised many questions about how her situation has been handled.

Online and social media feedback has been extraordinary and there were good questions but for legal reasons, not all can be answered.

But one organisation has decided to speak out.

Like Child Youth and Family, Shine deals with family abuse cases but it's conclusions about Moko's mother were very different to CYF's.

Story went to find out why.

Watch the video for the full Story report.