What kind of person is Moko's mum?

What kind of person is Moko's mum?

There will be people wondering if Nicola Dally-Paki was a good enough mother.

One organisation, Shine, specialises in family violence and has been dealing with Ms Dally-Paki for one year now.

Shine says she has worked very hard to be a great mother to her children; doing everything she can for them and getting out a violent relationship.

"We're absolutely confident her kids would be safe with her," a counsellor's assessment reads.

But Child, Youth and Family has their doubts.

They sent Story a statement saying they "do not believe it is in the best interests of her other children to be living with Nicola at this time because we do not have the confidence she will keep them safe".

So what sort of person is Ms Dally-Paki? Someone who knows her well is her lawyer Arama Ngapo-Liscombe who has been her family's lawyer for 15 years.

Why is it manslaughter and not murder? Have organisations let Ms Dally-Paki down or could she have done more herself?

Story speaks to Ms Ngapo-Liscombe about the case.

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