Aroha’s music review

  • 21/06/2016
Aroha’s music review


Christina has released “Change” with proceeds from sales on iTunes and Apple Music going to the victims and families of the victims in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

It’s a soulful ballad, which is much simpler than some of her other ballads, probably because of the fast turnaround to get the song out.--It’s sincere.

Christina said of the song: "We all have the choice to spread love, encourage individuality and make a difference to others. Contains lyrics: "Who you love or the color of your skin / (Or the place that you were born and grew up in) / Shouldn’t decide how you will be treated.


Opensouls broke up in 2011, but on Saturday night they reformed for a one off event in Auckland. The 2006 album “Kaleidescope” is one of the finest NZ music albums in my memory.

Kaleidesope, seamlessly blends many genres (Hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, reggae and blues) to make something new and contemporary which would appeal to many people.

Kaleidescope was nominated for Best Urban/Hip Hop album at the 2006 Vodafone NZ Music Awards. “Falling In (featuring Ladi6) is a blues heavy track but every song is a standout ‐- Aroha’s other favourites are “In Your Hands”, “the Optimist” and “Turn It Up”.


1. Prince ‐ The Hits/The B‐Sides

2. Adele ‐ 25

3. Drake ‐ Views

4. Ed Sheeran ‐ X: Wembley Edition

5. Justin Bieber ‐ Purpose