Countdown to Aus election, welfare cuts, Mr Burger

  • 30/06/2016
Countdown to Aus election, welfare cuts, Mr Burger

Australian election vote count so far:

Liberal/National coalition: 51% (84 seats)

Labour: 49% (62 seats)

The magic number of seats for a party to form government in its own right is 76.

Most polls suggest the coalition will stay in power, but they'll lose a few seats to Labour.

One in five voters say the Brexit referendum will have an impact on their vote on Saturday.

Gay marriage has become a hot topic, with Turnbull promising a referendum on it if they return to power.

But Julie Bishop and other Liberal members have indicated that while they would 'respect' the result, they possibly wouldn't vote for it.

Perth-based billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest is calling for Australia's next government to take radical steps in encouraging families to send their kids to school ‐- cutting family tax benefits until their children's school attendance improved.

Mr Burger Truck, an Australian burger chain, is offering free burgers for life if you change your last name to "Burger".

The first 10 people to legally change their name to Burger (and provide proof with the name‐change form) will receive seven burgers a week for the rest of their lives, or until Mr Burger goes broke.

Australian correspondent Jason Morrison joined Paul Henry to discuss this morning.