Dodgy real estate deals hurt buyers, sellers

Dodgy real estate deals hurt buyers, sellers

The Broadcasting Standards Authority has determined that this story was unfair to Amy Wildman, one of the agents featured. On August 10th 2015, TV3's Story programme broadcast an item about property prices in Auckland which included an investigation of one of the factors that might be helping to elevate those prices, specifically real estate agents doing deals with developers which mean some houses are not going to auction. As part of that investigation, we used hidden camera footage of a conversation with Amy Wildman, who was working for Ray White in Mangere Bridge.   The Broadcasting Standards Authority has determined that the broadcast was unfair to Ms Wildman and breached the fairness standard under the free-to-air television code of broadcasting practice.The Authority's decision can be found here. We are also supplying the full transcript of the hidden camera conversation with Ms Wildman and a statement from her which we received after the story had aired. We apologise for the distress caused to Ms Wildman and we are happy to make the additional information available to the public.

We've heard how hard it's getting for young Kiwis to buy houses in the current property market, and we've heard it's because Chinese foreign investors are driving up prices.

But is there something else going on? We heard some real estate agents are helping investors and traders get the houses first, so we investigated.

On a regular Tuesday we sent a regular looking guy – our actor, John – into the first real estate agency on our list. We had no idea what we would hear. John posed as a property investor.

The agent he met was Amy Wildman from Ray White in Mangere Bridge. John told her if she helped him find a good place to renovate and sell again quickly, he'd sell it back through her – she could sell the house twice and get the sales commission twice.

John then asked if she could help him catch the property before it went to auction, so he could buy it for less.

Ms Wildman seemingly agreed to help our 'investor' buy properties for less than they may actually be worth. If that did happen, it could be breaking the law.

What she did was not okay because she works for the house seller, and under the law she should be helping them get the best price. She'd be giving our guy the chance to snap up houses before all the other home buyers could even see them. That doesn't seem fair either.

But Ms Wildman is not a rogue agent; we think this may be more widespread.

We sent actors into other agencies because we heard it was happening, and only two of the four agents our actor visited turned us down.

Watch the video for the full Story report.

On Monday 10 August TV3’s Story aired an item about real estate agents utilising an actor posing as a property trader. During this item TV3 covertly filmed the actor talking with Amy Wildman who was working as a trainee Sales Assistant at Ray White’s Mangere Bridge branch.   We believe TV3’s Story has taken the actor’s conversation with Ms Wildman completely out of context and believe this stance is supported by contents of the full transcript of the conversation provided by presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan.   Ms Wildman strongly refutes and takes exception to any suggestion that she was potentially in breach of the Real Estate Institute’s Code of Conduct, or intended to carry out any deal that was not in the best interests of the vendor.   Ms Wildman believes this was an orchestrated attempt to entrap her into agreeing with the actor’s desire to undercut an auction process, and the use of a brief segment of the full conversation was then edited to suit Heather du Plessis-Allen’s comment “…it sounds like Amy Wildman has just agreed to help our investor buy properties for less than they’re actually worth…”.   The full transcript clearly outlines a very disjointed conversation that ranged from specific properties to general property market trends. It is also clear the Ms Wildman was very enthusiastic – as would any budding real estate agent be at potentially having willing cash buyers wanting to purchase multiple properties from them.   We would challenge TV3 Story to place the full unedited transcript of the conversation on its website and provide viewers with an opportunity to see for themselves the full conversation that took place.


ACTOR  I’m assuming you work here?

AGENT  Yes I do.

ACTOR  Hey look, I just want to look at some properties, more so in the Mangere/ Otahu area, Amy.  Amy, John, nice to meet you, how are ya?


ACTOR  But just more so in the Mangere, Otahu area, just looking for do-ups.

We just sold one

ACTOR  oh you’re kidding

Which was in Nelson St.

ACTOR  They’re going eh?


ACTOR  I’ve had a look at a few places and they’re just disappearing.

That went for five eighty but it was on like a big section

ACTOR  How big was the section?

Cut little weatherboard place, I’ll show you I’ve got a little card thing.

ACTOR  Oh yeah cool

Oh this one!  Here!

ACTOR  Ah. Wow look at that.  Yeah, that’s, that’s…


ACTOR  Well that’s what I’m looking for.


ACTOR  My situation is I’ve come back from overseas, um, cashed up, I just want to buy something but I know what’s happening in the…

Yeah yeah yeah.

ACTOR  I’m obviously from here…

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  Spent a lot of time overseas, and I’m just wanting to come home and get into the market but I think the best way to do it is to come in, get do ups

Oh right here

ACTOR  well that’s what I’m looking

Like a place on the waterfront, no Mangere Bridge because a place on the waterfront went for two million, but if you get the right place here…

ACTOR  yeah but I’m looking at really wanting to do sort of do ups.  Not so much for me to live in

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  I’m really looking at places to sort of get in, buy it, flick it

See cos all the young people


Are like moving here and

ACTOR  that’s flattering Amy

[both laugh]

But they are like they’re all like, I’m mean, I’m old, I’m llike see these young people I’m like ohhh but like so what have we got this week?  There’s a place in Sullivan.


So that’s home and income

ACTOR  right

You could do that up.  That’s um, because this area, see I would like even Otahuhu is almost becoming too expensive for what you’re gonna get, but here there are little pockets.

ACTOR  what did this go for?

Five eighty

ACTOR  Three bedroom


ACTOR  Five eighty?

Yeah. So let’s have a look at the back.  Um, yeah so that was actually

ACTOR  wow

I know but that’s

ACTOR  wow

So that was quite a good deal.  I was like oh it didn’t go for six something? Like I thought it was gonna go for six something.

ACTOR  Ok, well I’m…

Cos that will be sub-dividable too eventually

ACTOR  I didn’t, like, in terms of cash buyers is that a help now

Nah cos it’s auction.

ACTOR  really?  Eveytjing goes to acution

Everything is auction

ACTOR  how can I catch it before it gets to auction?

You can…

ACTOR  what I wanna do is I wanna get, that, I wanna do it up

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  And I wanna flick it.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  But what I wanna do is I wanna buy three or four


ACTOR  do you, in terms of those types of houses, do you have three or four more of them?

Let me just right down all this


So my brain doesn’t explode

ACTOR  Sorry you’ve obviously you know caught you in the gym so you’re still in, there’s still the endorphins flowing.


ACTOR  oh really?

[in audible] I wish we do but we don’t.  John, what’s your last name?

ACTOR  Reid.  R-E-I-D.

Just trying to think about what we’ve, cos see we had that, would’ve been perfect down there, there was one on the corner.

ACTOR  hmmm

[inaudible] road.  Absolute dog inside. But

ACTOR  right

Oh this one.  Uh, oh this one is a beauty!

ACTOR  right

Huge section


Could be so cool.

ACTOR  the bigger the section, the better.  Personally, I would, oh yeah that, that’s great

And see I thought

ACTOR  how big is it?

It was gonna go for more. Um, 640 went for 900.

ACTOR  that’s 845 square metres, that’s what I’m sort of looking at.  It’s the 8, 8 plus

See there is one up here church road, uh 54

ACTOR  yup

And that is going to auction this weekend.  We reckon it’s going to be a million but it is, it’s got this like um it’s got like an under house typ e of thing that

ACTOR  right

Has not been developed at all so you could actually make it into home

ACTOR  gotcha

Income, it’s really cool.

ACTOR  right

I could arrange for you to see it if you want it.

ACTOR  that would be cool.

Ok let me, what’s your email so I can email you some stuff

ACTOR  I’ll give you my mobile number cos I’ve just, like I say, I’ve just come back, I’m just setting myself up back here now

Oh yup

ACTOR  0273818132

Ok. Hang on.  Let me get, I’ll just get my phone. I’ll just see what else we’ve got coming up.  Oh, there’s one in pipitea road, [inaudible] you do still sometimes get a bargain you do.

ACTOR  yeah

But like you’ve just gotta, like that’s the good thing, you’ve just gotta always keep looking and that’s what happens to people they stop looking.  They start and then

ACTOR  this is gone hasn’t it?


ACTOR  but this is still here?

No that’s gone

ACTOR  oh that’s gone as well


ACTOR  ok.  It’s good to get a gauge.  I’ve gone to a couple of other real estate agents just to see what’s out there um

Obviously, not in their gym clothes

ACTOR  no obviously weren’t in their gym gear

But why not.  And what did they say?

ACTOR  same thing it was sort of in terms of the area, the same prices but the thing is the dirt’s coming with the house as well, what I’m after


ACTOR  but I’m really after, if I can get into a house, get it before it goes to auction.  I wanna get in there, buy it, flick it, paint it up, do a quick overhaul and a month later get rid of it.

How much would you wanna spend up to?

ACTOR  oh like I say 500 cash but I don’t want to stretch it too much further in terms of that

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  but like you say cash doesn’t seem to help out does it?


ACTOR  in auction.  I wanna know if there’s any other options outside of auctioning.  You know, if I can get the house beforehand?

Sometimes, like we had a place in Manurewa

ACTOR  the only way is if you went to the people who are selling it wouldn’t it?


ACTOR  and you go here, here’s a cash deal

Or sometimes they come to us

ACTOR  take the money and let me do your house up

Especially like um Samoan families, they don’t want, you know they’re like, we want to sell our house but we don’t want everyone to know because then everyone comes around and they want money

ACTOR  right

So they’re like you need to call some people, we have one open home, everyone does a multi offer and that’s it

ACTOR  right

So we sometimes have those, uh

ACTOR  Ok so that’s, yeah I understand that.

So something like this and this one’s just down the road, um, see a big section you could even put a minor dwelling on there

ACTOR  yup, yeah that’s something eh

And so it’s like being staged, it’s like classic

ACTOR  right

But it’s been staged to look quite good but what I think’s interesting is that

ACTOR  oh yeah

Like it’s a whole basement

ACTOR  yeah.  Yup.

Which you can actually develop.

ACTOR  yeah the type of thing.  Yeah the area excites me it’s in terms of the size of the area.  I don’t, like I say it’s certainly not an emotional attachment that I want

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  I’m not looking at it to move in with my wife and kids, it’s not like that.  It’s just

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  get in, paint it and then make some margins because I’m thinking the way the market’s at the moment

Don’t care how bad it is?

ACTOR  nah really don’t care cos at the end of the day I’ve got people

We have some…

ACTOR  I’ve got friends who are good builders

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  and they can actually get in there and rip it to bits

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  and put a new a face on it within a month you know


ACTOR  so that’s what I want. Because they’ve got the skill sets and I’ve seen what they’re doing in their own properties

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  and they’re doing the same thing I’m thinking well hell, why wouldn’t you?

Yeah yeah it’s just if you’ve got the money

ACTOR  well that’s the thing and they’ve said well mate you’ve come back from overseas you’re a cash buyer why not?

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  use it smartly.  I’m thinking well if I can make those gains faster

Yeah totally

ACTOR  but it’s a matter of catching it before it goes to auction


ACTOR  and is that, is that an option? How does that happen you know?

It just might like some people like some people aren’t interested and they are like we just wanna, it’s like we’ve got these people at the moment and they bought a place – not that you’d be interested – but it’s in New Lynn, bought it two months ago, obviously like they’re engaged but the engagement’s off

ACTOR  right

So they just want it sold


Like it’s like price, there’s a price on it, they just wanna get out

ACTOR  right

And every day that goes on like his price is coming down

ACTOR  right

So you know that would be the situation where you would be like look I’ve got a buyer, they’ll give you 500 cash today, you don’t have to go through open homes, you don’t have to do anything

ACTOR  right

It can be taken off your hands

ACTOR  right. You said you’ve got one going, it’s going to be going to sale soon right next week?

That’s that one, that’s that big one

ACTOR  so that’s that one.  And what do you reckon that’s going to go for?

I reckon that’s going to go for a million though

ACTOR  wow


ACTOR  and they’ll get it eh?

Oh yeah.  Absolutely.

ACTOR  I’m looking at buying more rather than one

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  like I say I’d rather buy three or four than one or two um I don’t wanna sort of put them all into one basket you know what I mean so I need to try in terms of…

I do have [inaudible]

ACTOR  even though that’s going for a million

Yeah I know hwat you mean.  Oh, there is… no…

ACTOR  it’s still appealing.  It’s still very appealing. Cos what’s the size of the dirt?

Uh like 870 I think..

ACTOR  hmmm

But see like the problem is like I know exactly the kind of one you want but like sometimes what people do is they try and do that like half do-up

ACTOR  yup

Which is like

ACTOR  but see I’m not yeah that’s the thing


ACTOR  But I’ve got a team of guys that are good

Yeah quality

ACTOR  they’re doing it anyway

Yeah yeah yeah so that’s…

ACTOR  I wouldn’t do it.  I don’t know one end of the hammer from the other

Yeah.  So it’s kind of like yeah you want that before they try and do that because people don’t see value in that

ACTOR  yeah that’s right

Ok so how many bedrooms?

ACTOR  at least 3

Three plus

ACTOR  you know what?  I’m looking for family homes that they can

Lounge, dining

ACTOR  yup yup

Um… land, 500 plus um… garage, carport?  Doesn’t matter?

ACTOR  really, well at the end of the day, everyone wants they are selling points aren’t they?


ACTOR  but in terms of aesthetics, I think we can look after the aesthetics side of things and I’m quite happy for something that’s really run down to be fair.  Like honestly the things that the guys are doing

Yea yeah

ACTOR  to these types of places now, just incredible.

Well, this place, it’s so cool but you can tell like it’s amazing

ACTOR  oh right


ACTOR  it’s already done

I know but they’ve rushed it

ACTOR  oh really?

Like you go round, like I walked in to do the open home and there was like the door knob was on the ground and I was like oh man

ACTOR  oh God

And then people were like ‘I mean it looks really good but have they hurried it a bit?’ like you can see the smears of like yeah you know


So it is like and people love that you’re you’re on the right track

ACTOR right ok

Like people love that

ACTOR  and that’s pretty much, we would do that to that

Yeah yeah yeah totally

ACTOR  but that’s… and I don’t… that’s what I mean, I don’t want to do too much, I don’t want to go overboard


ACTOR  we just wanna

Ok leave it with me

ACTOR  well look, like I say I’ve just got back

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  cos in terms of my email addresses and stuff

Yup send me one

ACTOR  my stuff’s still offshore so um I’ll, what I’ll do is I’ll flick you an email anyway

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  I’ll just set up a private account here and then flick you an email but otherwise if you find something in the time

Yeah yeah definitely

ACTOR  please give me a call, there’s my number there and then we can go from there but um just yeah like I say, Mangere, sort of, Otahu is, the properties here must be going like hotcakes wouldn’t they?

Oh yeah it’s ridiculous.  I mean, nothing ever passes in that’s for sure

ACTOR  good time to be a real estate agent yeah?

Yeah but you know, like it's hard work because everyone thinks that you're a shyster.  Cos half of them are!  That's the problem

ACTOR  Really?

Oh yeah! There are some sleazy agents.

ACTOR  yeah

And they give everyone, like that’s the problem, what happens is you know like the typical thing is that a vendor, so I work with the Jareds and we have this process so you come in, say I wanna sell my house, wanna get the most out of it you know, so we do this like ok three weeks open homes and then it’s going to be an auction or whatever and you, no matter what offer you get, you’re gonna still go to auction because that’s going to be the most you’re gonna get like, so say you said ok I’ll give you, it’s a 500 thousand dollar, I’ll give you 600 and the vendor’s like oh ok and then we say to the vendors ok if that’s what you really wanna do then let’s take that offer and put it to auction tomorrow, and we’ll get everyone in and if the worst, if yours is the best price you’ll get that but if there’s more, we’ll do that, whereas another vendor would be like ‘oh yeah how much do you?’

ACTOR  yeah

‘how much do you want? Ok we’ll just do that’ and then they think ok I’ve cut out auction fees, I’ve cut out marketing, I’ve cut out time cos you know we do the call backs and then we do the da da you know we’re kind of old fashioned.

ACTOR  right, well, in that respect Amy, how about in this case if I bought the property through you?

Oh yeah. You could sell it through me

ACTOR  Did it and then obviously once we’ve done it up and we put in back through you

Yea yeah

ACTOR  But what I need to do is I need to catch it before it goes to auction.

Yeah yeah totally

ACTOR  If it goes to auction I’m screwed.

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  Because I know I’m going to be paying a million dollars for a house I want to pay eight hundred thousand max for

Yea yea

ACTOR  Is that possible

Yeah totally!


Yeah yeah

ACTOR  because I’d rather come back, get it through you, redo it and then

No because

ACTOR  come back and go here look here’s this house

Yeah like cos we do yeah like we probably most agents in a year do like 10 houses, but like so we are doing 8 this week yeah so we do like quantity

ACTOR  shit

Because we’ve got the process so like

ACTOR  but I’m saying you could sell this house twice in two months

Yeah exactly so that’s what I mean so like we have 8 different scenarios every week.  We have one there one there one there

ACTOR  right

Last week we had a guy and he was like he owed so much money, his wife had a caveat on the house he was like he was just get rid of it

ACTOR  right

I don’t want the marketing, I don’t want an auction, just get rid of it. So we do have that all the time and we always have like do you know property tutors?

ACTOR  yes yes

Weird eh?


They’re so weird

ACTOR  I have a friend who’s actually been to ah, those too

So weird

ACTOR  I haven’t been

They’re always like ‘do you think you can help us?’.  No, no cos it’s weird.

ACTOR  yeah

You know like [inaudible]

ACTOR  no no a mate of mine’s been, yeah just didn’t rate it so…

Yeah nah so no I will definitely, that’s you know, if we can build a relationship that’s better but

ACTOR  that’s what we’re doing cos imagine if we can move four houses through you

Yeah totally

ACTOR  if we can move four houses through you I’d rather deal with one agent than blingin’ you know going to blinging different

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  parts of Auckland

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  cos you have properties right up in blingin’ New Lynn as well

Oh yeah we have everything

ACTOR  wow

But there are three of us cos there are three, like, us three work toghether as a time

ACTOR  right, ok


ACTOR  see I was looking at properties in Ellerslie, the margins are just, the gains aren’t the same, nowhere near

No no

ACTOR  I just sort of thought, then I started looking around here and starting noticing that differences were huge.  In terms of biuying one of those, being able to do it up but it has to be caught before it goes to auction

I thought Papakura hasn’t expanded yet

ACTOR  Papakura as well

Yeah Manurewa is ridiculous and it’s not

ACTOR  do you have a branch out there?

No.  oh in Papakura?

ACTOR  yeah

No but I live out there

ACTOR  oh do you?

Yeah so I’m always you know, eye on the, so we’ve got one that, we’ve got one that

ACTOR  could you, could you put things out, on the market out there?

We’ve got one that we haven’t listed yet that is a house and it’s also a section

ACTOR  right

So section has nothing on it

ACTOR  right

House, so they divided, sub-divided

ACTOR  right

They are investors, just want it sold

ACTOR  right

Like would take 850 for both


And you know

ACTOR  I think we need to have a coffee


ACTOR  really?

So, yeah

ACTOR  in terms of sections I’m quite happy to look at bits of dirt too


ACTOR  and I was, in terms of bits of dirt


ACTOR  it doesn’t matter obviously the size is the first thing but where it is is probably more important

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  and quite happy to look at those without even sighting it


ACTOR  I’m just wanting to buy bits of dirt


ACTOR  or houses that need to be done up

Yeah.  And this place has got this little house and it needs to be done up it’s a piece of crap

ACTOR  right

But it’s it’s a cool kind of little house.  It’s actually the house in front of my house

ACTOR  so in the perfect world


ACTOR  If I was to buy that through you


ACTOR  And then we whip through it and clean it up

Yeah and then we did it and you…

ACTOR  And then later on we talk to you about commissions for doing the next one?

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  For flicking it the second time?



So you need to send me your email


So I can send you

ACTOR  yup cool

The details of this house because yeah because

ACTOR  Papakura

They would love me if I said hey

ACTOR  hmmm

I’ve got a, and you don’t have to and it can be done tomorrow

ACTOR  well I used to live in Drury so I know how much the difference is between the two

Oh yeah

ACTOR  but I know how much it has the potential to go off in Papakura

And but you also know in Papakura that there’s a good street, bad street

ACTOR  yeah yeah yeah

And and that’s becoming less like even Dominion Road, like ugh, but it’s actually like that places there are going for like 600 you know cos these people bought their section and house because they were trying to do a put a childcare, like they do childcare centres

ACTOR  right

So they bought it and then the council was like ‘no’ you know when they’d spent like $120,000 trying to get the consent to build the childcare

ACTOR  oh God

And then the council like ‘no no no no no’ and then so they’re like ‘oh my God, let’s just subdivide it and just sell them’

ACTOR  Yeah yeah

And so I just rang them up because I live behind them and was like ‘oh you know, what are you doing with that section’ he’s like ‘oh just want it sold’

ACTOR  that’s what I’m after


ACTOR  but that kind of thing in terms of it’s just a bit of dirt but you know if we can get into you know before it hits the blingin’ internet

Yeah yeah

ACTOR  that’s gold to me


ACTOR  same with these things.  If they’ve already got a picture and a pamphlet it’s too late

Yeah exactly

ACTOR  you know cos it’s already got under the nose, the noses of too many people


ACTOR  so for me it’s not what I want and like I said

It’s not gonna suit and this place is like, well I live behind it

ACTOR  right

So you know because it’s nice it’s got trees in front of it

ACTOR  right

Um it’s it’s on Great South Road but like a nice part

ACTOR  sure

So you know it’s right near the schools but not on that side of Rosehill

ACTOR  yeah yeah that side of Rosehill!

And I don’t think that they’re quite on…

ACTOR  Settlement Road way you mean sort of down?

Yeah no

ACTOR  Dominion Road?

Yeah no between you know where Beach Road is?

ACTOR  yeah

Beach Road, Settlement Road

ACTOR  yeah

And like the way to Drury

ACTOR  yeah course

It’s like on this way

ACTOR  I gotcha

Yeah on, Opaheke side

ACTOR  Opaheke side, that’s the nice side

Yeah yeah yeah yeah so um so yeah you could definitely like and they, and I don’t think they’re too like they don’t really know the prices that much so they’d just kind of like ‘oh that would be great, I mean if you got us 850 for both we’d be so happy’.

ACTOR  and that’s the thing, for me, like I say I thought coming home cash would be king, it’s not such the case anymore when things are going to auction


ACTOR  cos people will pay stupid money


ACTOR  I wanna get my cash to do my work for me


ACTOR  before it hits the blingin’


ACTOR  the blingin’, what do you call it


ACTOR  the gavel

Yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  you know, once it goes that far it’s

Nah it’s over

ACTOR  it’s out of my reach

Oh yeah it’s ridiculous

ACTOR  well I’m not gonna make the gains that I want anyway

There was a place on Forbes Road in Favona on the weekend

ACTOR  oh yes saw it out the front

So you know Favona? Oh…

ACTOR  that’s what brought me in here

Do you know where it is in Favona?

ACTOR  I know where Forbes is

You know where Progressive is?

ACTOR  yeah

And you know that street?

ACTOR  yeah

It’s like, oh God I had to take a video of it

ACTOR  oh God

And I had to send it to my partner cos I was like oh my God you know, like, it’s ridiculous, oh where is it? Oh yes, is that it, no oh this one here.  Oh so this is the street right


Cute little house

ACTOR  oh hell

Oh state houses!

ACTOR  oh, oh geez

State houses!

ACTOR  oh, tut tut tut tut

So that, CV 330, 676!

ACTOR  at auction? Oh my God, let me guess


ACTOR  that guy there bought it?

That’s the one!

ACTOR  did he buy it?!


ACTOR  haha yeah!

He was like, there were two people

ACTOR  oh my God

And he was like, they were like ‘670’ he was like, and then this guy was like ‘671’ and this guy, the Asian guy was like ‘hmmm 672’ like he was just like ‘don’t waste my time’

ACTOR  yup yup

Cos he was just gonna buy it

ACTOR  yeah they’ll just keep going and just keep going until you give up

I was just like don’t do that

ACTOR  and that’s the thing.  I was looking at auctions and I came back last time and I was like ‘I’m not going to go through this process’ but yeah but now I’m back permanently and I wanna look at my options


ACTOR  and I thought this is a smarter way to do it because I’ve got friends that are already doing it and they say


ACTOR  but they’ve got the building skills, I don’t

Yeah nah

ACTOR  so happy with that.  Awesome.  Look lovely to meet you Amy


ACTOR  thank you very much for that

No worries

ACTOR  nice to meet you take care

Yeah just let me know

ACTOR  yeah yeah

And I can arrange to, I’ll send you all those details, I haven’t told anyone else about it

ACTOR  yup

Um, so

ACTOR  that’s cool.  That is cool.  That goes next week does it?

No it doesn’t go any week


I haven’t done it, like, because it’s still got, like, I mean cos I live there, behind them, but

ACTOR  right

As I see like

ACTOR  course

I see like the process, I see oh they’ve still got to put down the skipment and they’ve still got to put that but you can just tell that like I’m like ‘should I go over and do it’ because you know they have to call someone to do it

ACTOR  yup

And then ta da ta da ta da ta da so they’ve still, they’re still like a little ways off

ACTOR  gotcha

Like they’re kinda trying do the inside

ACTOR  but if you go and go hey we’ve got someone who’s got cash

Oh yeah like, yeah, like they’re trying to strip the wall and I’m just like oh man

ACTOR  mmm.  How big is that dirt again?  The one behind you?

Ah so they’re so I think each section is like 500 yeah

ACTOR  ok ok yeah that’s that’s yeah

But yeah

ACTOR  you’re on to it

Yeah so I haven’t done anything with them yet

ACTOR  awesomne

Cos one of the guys has gone overseas and so I said ‘look I will try and find someone who can just take it off your hands’


But and like I’ve got a property tutors guy he’s like ‘oh you know can you?’ and I’m like ‘oh I just think you’re weird’

ACTOR  if you can get some lead on that can you give me, give me a call?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

ACTOR  give me a call and just let me know and then I’ll come and catch up with you then and we’ll talk more about it then

Yeah definitely

ACTOR  awesome

Send me an email so I can send you the details of it at least

ACTOR  awesome sounds good


ACTOR  lovely thanks Amy.  Take care.

Ok thanks John!

Thank you.