Endangered falcon adopts a new family for himself

Endangered falcon adopts a new family for himself

In Rangiwahia, your nearest neighbours are likely to be kilometres away but that isolation has not stopped the Coleman family making an unexpected new friend.

Their new friend’s name is Hawky -- slightly confusing seeing as Hawkie is a falcon -- and the karearea is one of only 10,000 left.

The fact that he is a threatened species makes this story all the more remarkable.

Hawky has adopted the family rather than the other way round and has made himself comfortable at the family’s farmhouse.

Of course he likes to be fed but he also likes human contact. He hangs around to see what the family are doing and loves having his photo taken.

It’s not every day you have the chance to see a bird like this in New Zealand close-up so Story went to meet Hawky.

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