Haunted & terrifying or picture-perfect photo opportunity?

Haunted & terrifying or picture-perfect photo opportunity?

Abandoned hospitals, empty houses, forgotten buildings or rotting woolsheds -- would you think haunted or picture-perfect?

Drive anywhere in New Zealand and you'll be sure to find them. They may be neglected but not forgotten.

More Kiwis are stopping to explore these derelict places, and for one photographer, it's become art.

Harley Plowman has made a habit of searching out the derelict and disused, and sees a beauty, which he has now captured for all to see.

An exhibition is now running at Auckland's Alberton House called "The Art of Falling Apart", which features Plowman's and the work of other photographers, who share the unusual calling to a duty of dereliction.

It's a celebration of the dirty and the derelict, and the photos are full of peeling paint, abandoned artefacts, dust and rust.

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