Heather's tiki tour of Ngaruawahia

Heather's tiki tour of Ngaruawahia

Following my column about Ngaruawahia, Mayor Allan Sanson invited me down to show me the town.

The column stemmed from a new government idea to relocate the homeless Aucklanders out of the city and send them to other towns like Ngaruawahia.

There are 112 state homes and they are all full. The unemployment rate is 15.9 percent which is three times the national average.

So questions as to whether the town can take more people were put to the Mayor.

I was taken to the local real estate agent where there was a surprise waiting, the highly recommended Shirl's takeaways, down to the river and met some of the locals.

So how did the tour go? And was there a bathroom stop?

Watch the video for the full Story report.