Is our coastline vulnerable to drug smugglers?

Is our coastline vulnerable to drug smugglers?

It sounds like something out of a movie; police seized half-a-billion-dollars-worth of methamphetamine in Northland today.

An abandoned boat and suitcases full of drugs.

The police found 448,000 one gram bags which they say is worth half-a billion dollars and that's before they found an extra 50kgs in the sand dunes.

The drug foundation says that's overestimated and could be as low as $700 per gram because people receive discounts for buying in bulk and can often be traded for cars and sex.

Methamphetamine is usually smuggled through airports and traffickers have to be creative but three men behind today's bust have been charged with importing the Class A drug.

The police say the stash was brought in from the waters off 90 Mile Beach.

At 15,000km, NZ has the ninth longest waterline in the world just behind the United States, so how vulnerable is our coastline to drug smugglers?

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