Keytruda u-turn

  • 29/06/2016
Keytruda u-turn

Melanoma drug Keytruda has taken another step closer to being approved.

But global drug giant MSD has announced its signed a provisional agreement with Pharmac to fund Keytruda for the treatment of advanced melanoma that has spread.

Keytruda has been at the centre of a highly emotive public campaign for Government funds -- fought by patients, the Labour Party and the drug's maker -- that saw a petition taken to Parliament in March.

But the decision to fund Opdivo was taken instead, and an extra $50 million was announced for the drug purchaser in the May Budget.

However, Annette King, deputy leader of the Labour Party, says this is cynical manipulation by the Government who decided to fund Opdivo instead of Keytruda.

She spoke to Paul Henry this morning.