Long weekend: Worst road toll in almost 30 years

Long weekend: Worst road toll in almost 30 years

This morning we all woke up to the news the road toll has hit a decades-long high; except 11 people didn't.

How can we change attitudes and safety on our roads?

Story went to meet Te Ariki Dewes, who made the decision to drive under the influence in 2009.

She was so drunk she doesn't remember getting behind the wheel and driving off a Gisborne road at speed and into a tree.

"I made the choice to not only drive while I was drunk, I drove without a learner's licence. I drove with no warrant or registration. I chose to drive over 100 kilometres per hour and I also chose not to wear a seatbelt," says Ms Dewes.

 Gisborne Police made a video sharing her story and it's been viewed nearly 200,000 times in just over a week.

Ms Dewes didn't walk away from her accident and is now paralysed and in a wheelchair.

Story spoke to Ms Dewes who's speaking out because she doesn't want anyone else to repeat her mistakes.

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