Orlando shooting update, and the presidential race

  • 15/06/2016
(Paul Henry)
(Paul Henry)

As President Barack Obama urges changes to the gun laws and tells his nation he won't let the terrorists win, there are fresh revelations the wife of the Orlando gunman knew he was planning the attack.

Sources have revealed Orlando gunman Omar Mateen's wife, Noor Salman, has told the FBI she drove Mateen to the Pulse nightclub on a prior occasion, and that she was aware of his attack plans but tried to talk him out of it.

She was also with him with him when he bought ammunition and a holster. She’s apparently cooperating with officials.

Victims of the shooting say he was a regular at the club, and also frequently used a gay dating app.

Today is the final primary for the Democrats, in Washington.

Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton will today have a private meeting, the first official sit down of their campaigns. It’s expected Sanders will try and get assurances from Clinton that she’ll continue to fight for many of his proposed policies.

So far, he’s refused to concede defeat and release his delegates to vote for Clinton, which could be his bargaining chip if he doesn’t release his delegates; the Democratic Convention in July could be fractious.

US Correspondent Patrice Howard joined Paul Henry this morning.