Park Up for Homes

  • 17/06/2016

Homeless  is  becoming  a  larger than  usual  problem  in New  Zealand ‐  most  days  you'll  hear  news  of the  lack  of housing and increasing rent prices.

This has prompted thousands of people to spend the night in their cars in a silent protest against the Government, thanks to a group of flatmates who decided to run an event called #parkupforhomes.

Over 1000 people spent the night in their cars as a way to show solidarity with those doing it tough every night, hopefully bringing greater awareness.

Our reporter Brigette Purcell spent the night in her car.

Some politicians, Marama Davidson, Sua William Sio, Louisa Wall and David Cunliffe, also slept in their cars.

Park up for Homes Event Organiser Annaliese Johnston spoke to Paul Henry this morning.