Top tips for a profitable business

  • 16/06/2016
(Paul Henry)
(Paul Henry)

Those watching yesterday might have seen our Fieldays Dragon’s Den segment where three hopeful farmers pitched their business ideas to me. Some were good. Some not so good.  One was just downright weird.

But it got us thinking, how do you take an idea, and turn it into a profitable business?

Business Mentor Miles Maitland told Paul Henry.


BE BETTER. It doesn’t matter if your idea is not original, in fact it almost certainly won’t be. But if you do it better than anyone else then you will succeed.

WORK SMART. You can work every god given hour in the day but you are wasting your time if you haven’t planned. Strategy will make you more efficient. Getting bogged down in your day 

BE A BOSS. You need to be tough. Not many people can do the friendly boss thing. You have to be firm ­ it’s your way or else.