Video of boy cuddling dog breaks hearts

  • 09/06/2016

Footage of a young boy cuddling his neighbour's golden retriever has been viewed more than 1.5million times. However, the adorable video has a heart-breaking backstory.

Hollie Mallet first uploaded the video on Facebook, asking neighbours if they knew who the boy caught on security footage was.

She said the boy had been seen on CCTV dashing into their Louisiana property to cuddle black Labrador Dutchess on a number of occasions.

"Anyone know who this sweet little boy is?" she wrote.

"Every now and then when he rides his bike he will come and love on my dog or play fetch, but always leaves quickly like he doesn't know if he should be here.

"I'd like to tell him he's welcome to stay and play, she loves the attention."

The family of a boy named Josh came forward and said he had been talking about a dog he'd made friends with, but they didn't know he'd been going on their property.

His mother then revealed their family dog died just last year.

"We had our dog Bella since Josh was two, but she passed away last year. Things have been busy and Josh is active with after-school activities so we have not jumped back into taking on the responsibility."

Dutchess' owner was delighted to find out who the mystery cuddler was and said she was "so glad to finally find out who the little boy is. He is so precious."