What’s your morning habit?

  • 21/06/2016

The way we wake up determines how our day goes ... but just how much does personality play a part in our morning routine?

New research from Nespresso has looked at the morning habits of a thousand Kiwi’s and discovered five different types of morning people.

Clinical Psych Dr Chantal Hofstee will talked Paul Henry through the statistics, and the  different “archetypes”


1) The Zen Hunter: Wakes up needing peace and quiet ‐-  no kids, no noise, no television

2) The Early Achiever: Rises early to be ahead of everyone else.

3) The Mover: wakes up to exercise.

4) The Weekender: likes to ease into the day

5) The Snoozer:  would always rather sleep, even if it’s just an extra 5 minutes.