Window washer crackdown

  • 23/06/2016
(Paul Henry)
(Paul Henry)

National MP Jami‐Lee Ross has drafted a member's Bill to crackdown on windscreen washers, and give police the power to issue instant fines of $150.

Mr Ross says "The window washers' behaviour is intimidating and unsafe for motorists, as well as themselves, andthey've gone unchecked for too long,"

District Commander Superintendent Richard Chambers says "We would remind the public that the best way to stop window washing is not to pay them".

The amendment to the Land Transport Act would cut council costs for prosecutions under a current bylaw and stop clogging the courts with offenders being given a ticket on the spot.

It would also add the clause: "A road user must not use a road to wash or offer to wash a vehicle, or any part thereof, in a manner that may be unsafe, that may intimidate or cause a nuisance to any person, or may cause an obstruction to vehicles."

Mr Ross joined Paul Henry this morning.