8 days until Rio 2016

  • 29/07/2016
8 days until Rio 2016

It's just eight days until the start of the Rio Olympics.

If you look at what's happened this past week, you'll notice things aren't exactly peachy over there.

On Monday the Australian Olympic team refused to move into the athletes village, deeming the rooms "uninhabitable"; however, the blocked toilets and leaky pipes are apparently now fixed.

Then New Zealand jiu-jitsu athlete Jason Lee was kidnapped in Rio by men in police uniform and forced to withdraw money from ATMs.

Adding to the situation the International Olympic Committee's decision not to ban Russia outright due to state sponsored doping.

Security fears were then highlighted by the Australian TV crew nearly robbed of their equipment, just minutes after touching down in Rio on Wednesday

There are also severe health threats, like Zika virus and water pollution that's prompted a number of athletes to withdraw.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is warning athletes to exercise caution because of violent crime.

Newshub Olympic reporter Melissa Davies is heading to Rio on Friday night, and joined Paul Henry.