AMP scholarship recipient: Charles Leota

  • 07/07/2016
AMP scholarship recipient: Charles Leota

Otumoetai College PE teacher Charles Leota, was awarded an AMP Scholarship of $10,000 for his creation of 'My Kete'.

'My Kete' is a text-to-speech app for laptop and desktop computers and phones that reads NCEA exam questions to a student, and reads their answers back to them.

He noticed one of his students was having a lot of trouble with his exams because he was dyslexic so decided to invent something to help him.

Mr Leota taught himself to code several years ago through a Stanford University online Java course.

His first coding project, back in 2012, saw him create an app that helped with students who failed to use their homework diaries. He has written numerous apps, but 'My Kete' is the focus at the moment.

He joined Mark Sainsbury, filling in for Paul Henry, this morning.