Concern over Chinese steel

  • 18/07/2016
Concern over Chinese steel

It's the investigation the Chinese are trying to stop in its tracks: the alleged dumping of cheap, low-quality steel from China.

And, our lack of import tariffs mean New Zealand is the ideal dumping ground.

The Chinese believe New Zealand is part of a US-led alliance to target Chinese national interests.

New Zealand company Pacific Steel has lodged a confidential application, under local and World Trade Organisation rules, for an investigation into China dumping cut-price steel on the New Zealand market.

The local industry is struggling to compete with the glut of sometimes substandard Chinese metal, which is being used in major projects like the $1.4 billion Waterview Connection and bridges on the Waikato Expressway.

E tū union Industry coordinator Joe Gallagher joined Alison Mau, filling in for Paul Henry.