French foodie tips for Kiwis

  • 14/07/2016
French foodie tips for Kiwis

To celebrate Bastille Day, a bonafide French foodie, Thomas Dietz, gives us five tips on how to get French cuisine on Kiwi plates.

Thomas' 5 tips for bringing French cuisine principles to the Kiwi plate:

1. You don’t know until you try: cuisine is about variety, agitating tastebuds and trying new combos of flavours. Yes, trying snails or frogs is ok!

2. Quality of ingredients is key: it’s very important to spend time choosing the best and freshest ingredients. We are really lucky in New Zealand to have some of the best produce in the world, one of the key reasons for me to live here.

3. Everything is good in moderation: everything is good as soon as we bring variety. That’s what French cuisine is about. We don’t specifically need to have three veggies or zero carbs on a plate - it is all about reasonable balance.

4. Sauces: we love seasoning and making amazing sauces. That’s where French meet Kiwis very well - we all love sauces. It resonates very well with our customers. We give them delicious handmade sauces and dressings.

5. Mise en place: (French term meaning “putting in place”). It is the set-up of all the ingredients ahead of cooking so that cooking becomes extremely easy when your guests arrive.