Video: When Gower met Colbert

Video: When Gower met Colbert

Stephen Colbert has called New Zealand "Diet Australia", saying he is mad at Kiwi success in lumberjack competitions.

The American host of the Late Show told Newshub he stood by his description of New Zealand as "Australia's Canada".

"I'm mad at you because your lumber-sports guys beat our lumber-sports guys. It's not personal."

Colbert is at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and took a break from filming a segment for The Late Show to launch into the Kiwi lumberjack tirade.

Even though New Zealanders don't really use the term lumberjack, Colbert is technically correct - Kiwi Jason Wynyard is a regular champion at "timber sports" involving axes and saws.

"You guys win every lumber-sports competition, lumber jack competitions," Colbert said.

"I love New Zealand but when it comes to lumber jack competitions, there are no friends."

Colbert described New Zealand as "primordial" and visiting made him feel "I have to live here and become a man".

"Your teenage jobs are jumping out of helicopters and wrestling deer," he said.

Asked what New Zealanders should think of Donald Trump, Colbert paused before replying: "Only the best. Only the best."