Avocado prices to drop

  • 18/08/2016
Avocado prices to drop

Avocado prices went up earlier this year - at one point Countdown were selling them for $5 each.

There were several reasons for this: poor weather, a slump in the numbers grown and higher exports than usual to Australia.

Avocados follow a biannual cycle where they bear a lot one year, but less the next.

Things got so bad that orchard thieves were running a black market.

But they are already down to $2 each at Countdown, and with these prices set to drop further, food blogger Kelly Gibney gave us her favourite recipes.

KELLY’S RECIPES Ceviche (avocado, dish, radish, lime, dill) Chocolate avocado pudding (avocado, maple syrup, vanilla, dark cocoa powder)Smoothie (pear, cucumber, spinach, avocado, mint)