Government's plan to crack down on drink drivers

  • 10/08/2016
Government's plan to crack down on drink drivers

The Government is making alcohol interlocks mandatory for New Zealand's worst drink drivers.

Serious and repeat offenders will be forced to have devices installed in their cars which will stop them from driving over the limit.

Alcohol interlock devices disable a vehicle from being driven if alcohol is detected on the breath of a driver, who must breathe into the system to start the engine.

Offenders would have to pay for these interlocks, and would have to report to a service centre once a month for the data from their interlocks to be uploaded.

It's also possible for people to abuse the system, but Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss said there would be "significant penalties" - including potential jail time ‐ for those who tampered or abused the interlocks.

Cabinet have agreed to provide $4 million of funding to help pay for the devices, as the $2500 cost to install and run them was one of the main barriers to their use.

But, offenders would still have to pay for the interlocks, with the Government funding going towards a subsidy scheme.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss spoke to Paul Henry this morning.

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